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7 tips to make your business blog a success



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There are many benefits to a well-defined business content strategy. And your business blog is the home and hub from which to build. Having a blog is one of the strongest ways to use  content for all types of small business owners. So here are 9 tips for starting a business blog and growing it successfully.

1. Start with relevant Content in mind

Readers aren’t looking for just a way to pass the time. Business blogs are all about relevance and the more useful the information you publish, the more traffic and readers you can expect. Retaining them is much easier as well if the content is relevant to your target audience and aligns with your business strategy.

So to plan the content of your blog, answer these questions:

  • What are important industry trends?
  • How can I use content to solve my readers’ problems or help make their lives easier faster?
  • Who are my target audience and what will they find valuable to know about?

2. Publish on a consistent schedule

There are no fixed rules to the frequency of posting you should maintain. But maintaining a regular, consistent content management and promotion schedule is key to business blogging success. To maintain an engaged audience, the readers need to get regular new pieces of content.

Some people recommend publishing new blog posts every weekday. Others say you should publish at least once a week or twice a month. Regardless, consistency is the name of the game with blogging.

3. Define a focus and keep to your main topics

It is clear, to be able to make your blog successful, focus is the magic phrase. Be sure to lay out your blogging topics beforehand. It isn’t a problem to divert into a different topic every now and again, but follow a common thread and increase the interest and engagement. Building out topic clusters and fleshing out your main content categories is a strategy that works.

A topic cluster is an area of interest within your blog. For instance, if you are a marketing professional who specializes in digital marketing, then that could be your main topic cluster. Within this broad category (digital marketing), there may also be smaller clusters such as SEO, email marketing, and social media strategies for small business owners.

4. Encourage newsletter sign-ups

One thing about every successful blog, they have a way to promote return traffic. If your readers want to stay up to date, make sure you promote easy ways for them to subscribe to your email newsletter on each and every page.

No wonder there are so many email list building plugins. You can gather more opt-ins by offering incentives and clearly outlining what they can expect from your newsletter. Subscribe for our newsletter and get X!

A newsletter opt-in is the start of a long-term relationship with your readers. Send them a welcome email series and before you know it they will be asking you to promote your products and services.

5.  Stimulate discussion and comments

Ask your readers to comment and share their views and opinions. These days much of the discussion is on social channels, where a lot of the community building takes place. But be sure to ask for comments to your article, and respond to each question that comes through on the blog. Cleaning up fake comments is a must.

6. Promote your blogs and share your topics 

80 percent of the success of a new blogpost depends on promotion. You can’t just post something and expect your readers to find each and every single post. Create a template for sharing and promoting your blog on social media, in your newsletter and even one on one invite people, other bloggers and influencers to click through and read your latest blogs.

7. Find a second pair of eyes or hire an editor

It may be tempting to write and publish, but mistakes are easily missed. Write your articles a few days before posting them and re-read your texts after you’ve left them for a while. Or ask an editor or proof reader to go over and comment and correct your articles.

Take the time to build your blog

Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. The most successful blogs have taken time to build momentum. You have to find your audience, and create a base of returning readers. SEO isn’t built in a day either. Although first results might be long in the making: take it steady and with a consistent publishing schedule, you’ll make it work and your blog is on the road to success.

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