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200+ Catchy Newspaper Name ideas



featured image: 200+ Catchy Newspaper Names

Looking to kickstart your own newspaper business? Well, hold on to your pen because we’ve got just the article for you. Today, we’re looking at newspaper name ideas.

Having the best newspaper name is crucial for creating a brand that stands out in the sea of media. Whether you’re going for a serious and authoritative tone or something more playful and engaging, we’ve got some fantastic name suggestions. Let’s get those creative gears turning and find that ideal name that’ll make your newspaper stand out.

Why do You Need a good Newspaper Name?

Why is it so important to have a good newspaper name? Well, let me break it down for you.

Picture this: you’re walking down the street and you see two newspapers lying side by side. One is called the “Herald Tribune” and the other is simply named “Daily News.” Which one would catch your attention? I bet the “Herald Tribune” stands out more.

A good newspaper name establishes your brand identity and sets the tone for what readers can expect. It gives a glimpse into the kind of news you offer and can attract the right audience. For example, if your newspaper covers local stories with a touch of elegance and prestige, a name like “Herald Gazette” can make heads turn.

Moreover, a catchy and memorable name creates brand recognition and recall. Which are crucial aspects of brand management. When people hear or see your newspaper’s name, it should instantly click in their minds. A strong name can build credibility, trust, and loyalty among your readership.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-thought-out newspaper name. It’s the first impression you make in a crowded media landscape. Choose wisely and let your newspaper’s name speak volumes about the amazing content you bring to the table.

How to Come Up with Newspaper Name Ideas Yourself?

tips on how to come up with newspaper name ideas

A unique and creative newspaper name can make a lasting impression. Here are a few tips to get those name-generating gears turning:

  1. Brainstorm: Grab a pen and paper (or your trusty laptop) and start brainstorming. Jot down keywords that represent the essence of your newspaper. Think about the topics you’ll cover, your target audience, and the overall vibe you want to convey.
  2. Wordplay: Get playful with words! Look for puns, alliterations, or clever combinations. For example, if your newspaper focuses on environmental issues, you could play around with words like “EcoEcho” or “Green Gazette.”
  3. Thematic Approach: Consider the niche or theme of your newspaper. If you’re all about technology, think about names like “Tech Times” or “Digital Daily.” Let the theme guide your name creation process.
  4. Get Inspired: Look around for inspiration from existing newspaper names. Take note of what you like and don’t like about them. Don’t copy, but use them as a springboard for your own unique ideas.
  5. Newspaper Name Generator: Feeling stuck? Turn to online newspaper name generators. These tools can give you a starting point or inspire new directions. Play around with different options until you find something that clicks.
  6. Test It Out: Once you have a list of potential names, share them with friends, family, or colleagues. Get feedback and see which ones resonate the most. Keep in mind that your newspaper’s name should appeal to your target audience.

Aim for something that stands out from the crowd, captures the essence of your publication, and leaves a memorable mark. And don’t forget, catchy business taglines can also add an extra punch to your brand.

Now, let’s get into ideas. All these newspaper names across different categories will help you choose the right one for you.

Local Newspaper Names

Here’s a list of 20 local newspaper names to spark your creativity. Although each option includes the name of a city or state, you can easily replace them with your locality’s name.

  1. Twin Cities Tribune
  2. Long Island Observer
  3. Melville Gazette
  4. San Jose Chronicle
  5. Boston Daily News
  6. Chicago Sun-Times
  7. Seattle Herald Tribune
  8. Denver Daily Dispatch
  9. Miami Metro Journal
  10. Austin City Gazette
  11. Nashville Daily Record
  12. Phoenix Valley Tribune
  13. Atlanta Evening Post
  14. San Francisco Sentinel
  15. Detroit Times
  16. New Orleans Daily Herald
  17. Portland Morning News
  18. Honolulu Island Gazette
  19. Philadelphia City Chronicle
  20. Las Vegas Daily Star

National Newspaper Names

As with local newspaper name ideas, you can just replace the country with one where you operate:

  1. The Daily Observer
  2. The Hindu
  3. Dawn News
  4. Hindustan Times
  5. The Telegraph
  6. The Times of India
  7. The Washington Post
  8. Star Tribune
  9. The Wall Street Journal
  10. The New York Times
  11. USA Today
  12. Los Angeles Times
  13. Chicago Tribune
  14. The Boston Globe
  15. Miami Herald
  16. The Guardian
  17. Le Monde
  18. The Sydney Morning Herald
  19. The Times (UK)
  20. The Daily Mail

International Newspaper Names

These names can be used to represent international newspapers that cover global news and events:

  1. Global Times
  2. World Tribune
  3. International Chronicle Herald
  4. Global Chronicle
  5. Global Gazette
  6. International Observer
  7. The Global Post
  8. Global Express
  9. World News Network
  10. International Daily News
  11. Global Sun
  12. Worldwide Journal
  13. Global Voice
  14. International Dispatch
  15. World Press
  16. The Global Mirror
  17. International Insight
  18. Global Beacon
  19. World Focus
  20. International Times

Business & Finance Newspaper Name Ideas

These names are tailored for newspapers that focus on business news, financial updates, and market trends:

  1. The Financial Chronicle
  2. Business Insights
  3. The Market Observer
  4. Finance Daily
  5. The Business Times
  6. Money Matters
  7. The Economic Express Gazette
  8. Wealth Watch
  9. Market Pulse
  10. Business Express
  11. Financial Focus Round-up
  12. The Profit Report
  13. Capital News Courier
  14. Market Digest
  15. Money Monitor
  16. The Investor’s Journal
  17. Business Review
  18. Finance Navigator
  19. The Economic Outlook
  20. Money Street

Sports Newspaper Name Ideas

The following names can be used for sports newspapers that cover a wide range of sports news, updates, and analysis:

  1. The Sports Chronicle
  2. Sports Insider
  3. The Athletic Times
  4. Game Day Gazette
  5. Sports Express
  6. Victory Voice
  7. The Sporting Post
  8. Sports Spotlight
  9. Scoreboard Daily
  10. Sports Tribune
  11. The Playbook
  12. Sports World News
  13. Champion’s Journal
  14. Sports Update Daily
  15. The Winning Edge
  16. Sports Focus
  17. The Sports Digest
  18. Goal Line Gazette
  19. Sports Today
  20. The Sports Herald

Entertainment & Lifestyle Newspaper Name Ideas

Take inspiration for newspapers focusing on entertainment news, celebrity updates, lifestyle trends, fashion, and more:

  1. The Entertainment Insider
  2. Lifestyle Guardian Gazette
  3. Pop Culture Chronicle
  4. Celeb News Daily
  5. The Trendsetter Chronicle
  6. Entertainment Express
  7. The Lifestyle Report
  8. Showbiz Spotlight
  9. The Entertainment Hub
  10. Celebrity Gazette
  11. Lifestyle Digest
  12. Culture Weekly
  13. The Entertainment Pulse
  14. Trend Tracker
  15. Celebrity Scoop
  16. The Lifestyle Observer
  17. Entertainment Buzz
  18. Style Avenue
  19. The Pop Culture Post
  20. Life & Leisure

Opinion & Editorials Name Ideas

Consider the following for newspapers or sections dedicated to opinion pieces, editorials, commentary, and thought-provoking articles:

  1. The Perspective
  2. Opinion Matters
  3. Voice of Reason
  4. The Editorial View
  5. Insightful Opinions
  6. The Op-Ed Gazette
  7. Point of View
  8. The Thoughtful Tribune
  9. Expressive Editorials
  10. The Debate Desk
  11. Informed Perspectives
  12. The Opinion Corner
  13. The Editorial Echo
  14. Contrarian Chronicles
  15. The Critical Lens
  16. Opinions Unfiltered
  17. Editorial Expanse
  18. The Think Tank
  19. The Dissenters’ Digest
  20. The Opinionated Observer

Technology & Science Newspaper Name Ideas

These names can be used for newspapers that focus on technology news, scientific advancements, innovation, and related topics:

  1. The Tech Tribune
  2. Science Chronicle
  3. Innovation Star
  4. The Tech Herald Courier
  5. Technology Today
  6. The Science Gazette
  7. Futuristic News
  8. Tech Insights
  9. The Tech Explorer
  10. Science Spectrum
  11. The Tech Digest
  12. Digital Dispatch
  13. The Science Sentinel
  14. Techno Times
  15. Techscape
  16. The Science Observer
  17. Tech Buzz
  18. The Innovator’s Journal
  19. Science Express
  20. The Tech Nexus

Health & Wellness Newspaper Name Ideas

Here is a list of 20 health and wellness newspaper name ideas:

  1. The Wellness Chronicle
  2. Health News Daily
  3. Wellness World
  4. The Healthy Gazette
  5. Wellness Insights
  6. Health & Wellbeing Tribune
  7. The Wellness Digest
  8. Fit and Fine Times
  9. The Wellness Observer
  10. Health Matters Today
  11. Wellness Weekly
  12. The Health Report
  13. Mind and Body News
  14. The Wellness Journal
  15. Healthy Living Times
  16. The Wellness Pulse
  17. The Health Herald
  18. Wellness Spotlight
  19. The Vitality Tribune
  20. Healthy Lifestyle Gazette

These names can be used for newspapers focusing on health news, well-being tips, fitness advice, nutrition insights, and other topics related to health and wellness.

Arts & Culture Newspaper Name Ideas

Here are 20 suggestions for Arts & Culture newspaper name ideas:

  1. The Cultural Courier
  2. Artisan Herald
  3. Muse Tribune
  4. Creative Canvas
  5. Artistic Expressions
  6. The Cultural Chronicle
  7. The Enigma Review
  8. Curiosity Journal
  9. The Aesthetic Observer
  10. Cultural Spotlight
  11. The Artistic Gazette
  12. The Creative Beat
  13. Artistry Insights
  14. The Cultural Pulse
  15. The Expressive Lens
  16. The Creative Palette
  17. Cultural Connections
  18. The Artistic Voice
  19. The Cultural Rendezvous
  20. Literary & Art News

Funny Newspaper Names

These funny newspaper names add a touch of humor and light-heartedness to the publication:

  1. The Daily Chuckle
  2. The Witty Gazette
  3. Laughing Times
  4. The Funny Chronicle
  5. Quirky News Weekly
  6. The Hilarious Herald
  7. Comic Courier
  8. Amusing Observer
  9. The Joke Journal
  10. The Satirical Sentinel
  11. The Silly Press
  12. Punny Post
  13. The Chuckle Tribune
  14. The Giggle Gazette
  15. Jolly Journal
  16. The Lighthearted Ledger
  17. The Whimsical World
  18. The Laughing Post
  19. Comical Courier
  20. The Hysterical Herald

Fake Newspaper Names

Here is a list of 20 realistic-sounding fake newspaper names:

  1. The City Pulse
  2. The Sentinel Gazette
  3. The Daily Chronicle
  4. The Evening Star
  5. The Metro Herald
  6. The Times Tribune
  7. The Weekly Observer
  8. The Journal Express
  9. The Dispatch News
  10. The Citizen Times
  11. The Sunrise Post
  12. The Pioneer Press
  13. The Vanguard Voice
  14. The Horizon Herald
  15. The Outlook Review
  16. The Progress Report
  17. The Insight Journal
  18. The Chronicle Gazette
  19. The Daily Digest
  20. The Independent Courier

Key Tips For Naming Your Newspaper Business

Let’s get into some practical and easy-to-understand tips to help you come up with a compelling and memorable name for your newspaper. From being clear and descriptive to considering your target audience and online presence, we’ll cover all the essential factors you need to consider.

  1. Be Clear and Descriptive: Choose a name that clearly conveys what your newspaper is about. Avoid vague or ambiguous names that may confuse potential readers. For example, if your newspaper focuses on local news, consider names like “City Press” or “Community Chronicle.”
  2. Reflect Your Audience: Consider your target audience and their interests when selecting a name. If your newspaper caters to a specific demographic or niche, incorporate words or phrases that resonate with them. For instance, if your target audience is young professionals, a name like “The Urban Pulse” could be appealing.
  3. Keep it Memorable: Opt for a name that is catchy and easy to remember. Avoid overly complicated or lengthy names that may be hard for people to recall. Think of names that have a certain ring to them and stick in people’s minds.
  4. Check for Trademarks: Before finalizing a name, conduct a thorough search to ensure it is not already trademarked by another newspaper or business. This will help you avoid legal issues down the line. Use resources like the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to check for existing trademarks.
  5. Consider Online Presence: In today’s digital age, it’s crucial to consider how your chosen name will translate to an online presence. Make sure the domain name associated with your newspaper’s name is available and easy to spell. Consistency across your print and online platforms is important for branding.
  6. Test for Pronunciation and Spelling: Say your chosen name out loud and ask others to do the same. Check if it’s easily pronounced and doesn’t lead to confusion. Also, ensure that the spelling is straightforward and intuitive. Avoid complex or unconventional spellings that might create difficulty for readers.
  7. Be Unique: Aim for a name that sets your newspaper apart from competitors. Steer clear of generic or common names that may blend in with others. Look for words, phrases, or combinations that haven’t been extensively used to give your newspaper a distinct identity.
  8. Brainstorm and Collaborate: Get creative and involve others in the brainstorming process. Gather a group of people who understand your vision and can offer fresh perspectives. Sometimes, bouncing ideas off others can lead to unexpected and exciting name options.

Choosing a name for your newspaper business is an important decision, so take your time, do your research, and select a name that aligns with your brand, audience, and goals.

Consider SEO When Naming Your Newspaper Company

Why should you think about SEO when you’re going for a newspaper company? Well, SEO can be really beneficial for a small budding business, like a new newspaper firm. SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for readers to discover your content. And it’s safe to assume that in this day and age, you’ll want an online presence for your newspaper. So, let’s delve into some easy tips to keep in mind for SEO-friendly naming:

Use Relevant Keywords: Add relevant keywords related to your newspaper’s niche or focus within your company name. For example, if your newspaper covers local sports news, consider including keywords like “sports” or “local” in your name.

Think About Search Intent: Consider the intent behind users’ search queries when choosing your newspaper’s name. Are people looking for breaking news, investigative journalism, or feature stories? Aligning your name with the type of content you offer can help attract the right audience.

Keep it Simple and Memorable: Opt for a name that is simple, easy to spell, and memorable. A straightforward name will not only be more user-friendly but will also make it easier for search engines to index and remember your site.

Consider Local SEO: If your newspaper focuses on local news, consider incorporating location-specific terms into your name. This can help optimize your website for local searches and improve visibility within your target geographical area.

Check Domain Availability: Before finalizing a name, check if the domain name is available. Having a domain that matches your company name can positively impact your SEO efforts. It’s best to aim for a .com domain, as it is the most widely recognized and trusted extension.

Be Unique and Brandable: Stand out from the crowd by choosing a unique and brandable name that reflects your newspaper’s personality. Avoid generic or common names that may get lost in search engine results. A distinctive name will make it easier for readers to remember and associate with your publication.

Research Competitors: Take a look at other newspapers or media outlets within your niche and analyze their choice of names. This can give you insights into what works well in terms of SEO, while also helping you differentiate yourself from competitors.

Consult SEO Experts: If you’re uncertain about SEO strategies or need more personalized guidance, don’t hesitate to consult with SEO experts. They can provide valuable insights and help you optimize your website’s visibility and ranking.

By focusing on relevant keywords, simplicity, and local optimization, you’ll be on your way to attracting more readers and building a strong digital presence.

Wrap Up

When it comes to choosing a unique name for your newspaper, there are plenty of creative options to consider. From catchy and clever titles to funny and unusual names, the possibilities are endless.

Take inspiration from the sources provided and explore the diverse range of newspaper name ideas available. Find a name that resonates with your publication’s identity and captures the attention of your readers.

Remember, a distinctive newspaper name can set you apart in the competitive media landscape.


What are some good names for a newspaper?

Good names for a newspaper can vary depending on the theme or focus. Some examples include The Daily Chronicle, The News Gazette, The Times Tribune, or The Weekly Observer.

What are newspaper titles called?

Newspaper titles are typically referred to as mastheads. The masthead is the section at the top of the front page that displays the newspaper’s name, logo, and other identifying information.

What was the original name of the newspaper?

The first regularly printed newspaper, known as Acta Diurna, was introduced in ancient Rome around 59 BCE. However, the term “newspaper” didn’t exist until much later.

What are the different types of newspapers?

There are various types of newspapers, including broadsheets, tabloids, local newspapers, national newspapers, international newspapers, and specialty newspapers focusing on specific topics like sports, business, or entertainment. Each type serves different purposes and caters to specific audiences.

How do I find out if a newspaper or magazine name is trademarked?

To find out if a newspaper or magazine name is trademarked, you can conduct a search in the trademark databases. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), which allows you to search for registered trademarks or pending applications. Simply visit their website at and use the TESS database to search for the name you’re interested in.

Additionally, you can check the Trademark Official Gazette, which publishes approved trademarks for public viewing. This weekly online publication can help you verify if a newspaper or magazine name has been approved for registration.

It’s important to note that registering a trademark for a newspaper or magazine name can be complex, as certain criteria need to be met. In the past, it was challenging to register names of sections or columns, but recent updates have made it possible for certain printed names to be registered as trademarks.

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