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200 Creative Online Shop Names and How to Choose the Right One



featured image: Creative Online Shop Names and How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right online shop name can be tricky. You want something that is catchy and easy to remember. But you also want to make sure that it accurately represents your business.

In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to choose the right one for your business. Then I’ll share a list of 200 creative online shop names.

Tips for choosing a catchy online shop name

When starting your own online store, one of the first things you need to do is choose a name. Here are a few tips to help you choose a catchy online shop name:

1. Keep it short and sweet. A shorter name is easier to remember and type into a search engine.

2. Make it meaningful. Your name should reflect what you sell or the type of customer you want to attract.

3. Be unique. With so many online shops out there, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Choose a name that is unique and memorable.

4. Use keyword research. Use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out which keywords are most popular for your industry. Choose a name that includes these keywords for better visibility in search engines.

5. Get creative. Brainstorm with friends, family, or colleagues to come up with some creative ideas. Sometimes the best names are ones that are unexpected or quirky.

6. Experiment with a mood board. A mood board is a great way to brainstorm business names. A mood board is a visual representation of the feeling or atmosphere you want your business to evoke.

With these tips, you can choose an online business name that is both catchy and reflective of your brand.

200 Online shop name ideas

Now let’s get into some online store names you can use for inspiration.

Online shop name ideas:

  • Shop Circuit
  • Shopsurf
  • Shop Jolly
  • Thrift Side
  • Workcart
  • Web Freshop
  • City Shop
  • Shoppeum
  • Shop Fever
  • Shop Point
  • Super Shop
  • Shop Board
  • Shopper Ave
  • Online Grub
  • Eureka Online Shop
  • Buckeye Online Shop
  • Pinpoint Online Shop
  • Pronto Shop
  • Verge Online
  • Shop Baron

Trendy and catchy online shop names

  • Occla
  • Facar
  • Boxspace
  • SoCookie
  • Shopsub
  • Sitestore
  • Offbuy
  • Homebook
  • Duktor
  • Cylena
  • Sierra Shop
  • Paper Real
  • Web Deals
  • Sell Flow
  • Shop Menu
  • Post Touch
  • Color Dark
  • Brow Side
  • Talk Store
  • Shopshow
  • Coup Snap
  • Mallovo

Online boutique name ideas:

  • Quest Boutique
  • Synergy Boutique
  • Slide Boutique
  • Target Boutique
  • Home Boutique
  • Drive Boutique
  • Club Boutique
  • Synergy Boutique
  • Botiquery
  • Vanguard Boutique
  • Boutique Mart
  • Boutique Fresh
  • Boutique Ball
  • SouthSide Boutique
  • Boutique Splash
  • StarWood Boutique
  • PalmTree Boutique
  • Satori Boutique 
  • Busy Boutique
  • Story Boutique
  • Heritage Boutique

Online craft shop name ideas:

  • CraftLux
  • CraftyCenter
  • Acticraft
  • PCrafts
  • Craftstry
  • Craftfine
  • Crafty Culture
  • Artcraft
  • Craftan
  • Craftery
  • CraftGrade
  • Crafty Objects
  • Crafting Bee
  • Craftinal
  • CraftsWork
  • Crafterior
  • SeeCraft
  • Craft Plate
  • Craft Genie
  • Crafts Kid
  • Sprint Crafts
  • Slick Crafts
  • Digital Crafts
  • Modern Crafts
  • Spotlight Crafts
  • Roman Crafts
  • Firebird Crafts
  • Pascal Crafts
  • Crafts Addict
  • Apollo Crafts
  • Redbird Crafts
  • Fusion Crafts
  • Martial Crafts
  • GreenStar Crafts
  • Crafts Cabin
  • Crafts Rocket
  • Alchemy Crafts
  • Crafts Corner
  • Grindstone Crafts
  • Gilded Crafts

Health and fitness shop name ideas:

  • Wellness Now
  • Heal Well
  • Vitalvit
  • WiseMind
  • Zen Soothe
  • EcoBiotic
  • Aqua Care
  • Eco Pulse
  • Calm Air
  • Kind Care
  • Nourish Nook
  • Greenery
  • Smart Sleep
  • NurtureLife
  • ThermalCut
  • Calm Lights
  • Justaid
  • Wellness Bay
  • Bio Feed
  • Cleanly
  • HappySeed
  • Zenly
  • Fitness Mint
  • SouthBeach Fitness
  • Sparta Shop
  • Transform Health
  • Beachside Fitness
  • Fitness Arow
  • Fitness Fresh
  • FitDeck
  • Fitness Unit
  • Fit Maxi
  • Fit Fine
  • Health Oasis
  • Fitwind
  • Health Refresh
  • Hologic
  • EZ Health
  • Nutrify
  • Frest
  • Evital
  • Vital Zest
  • Up City
  • Spirital
  • Fitness Dial
  • Fitness Creed
  • Beastic
  • Bodydian
  • Welnest
  • Gymrific
  • Fitness Platoon
  • Gymific
  • Athery
  • Fitnesse
  • Health Phoenix
  • Health Geek
  • Virtual Health
  • Athleter
  • Sportload
  • Sport Beat
  • Sports Lady
  • SportFuse
  • JumpOut
  • Field Turf
  • Leap Motion
  • BodyMind
  • Trackify
  • Flex Shot
  • Flipsox

Online shopping company names:

  • Magellan Shop
  • CrispCommerce
  • TurboShop
  • CityScene
  • EcoTech
  • Exhibit
  • Gamer Co.
  • Eurocrate
  • ArtSpace
  • Onlinerr
  • Care Commerce
  • Ecomside
  • Shop Pulse
  • Local Gent
  • Supply Digital
  • Homestic
  • Innoval
  • Primary
  • Commerce Fast
  • Commerce Blue
  • Commerce Beast
  • Shop Circuit
  • Daily Exchange
  • Ecommercer
  • Communication
  • Dial
  • Growthpillar
  • Urban Playground

Best online store name generators

An online shop name generator can give you many name ideas.

Use these generators with keywords and then receive a list of potential names for your store. Remember that these be close to (or reflect) exactly what you sell. You can then use these names as a starting point for further brainstorming.

With a little help from a shop name generator, you can come up with the perfect name for your own online store in no time.

Here are some of my favorite ones:

  • Business Name Generator: Use keywords to find business names. Even check for name availability
  • NameLix: Filter results and save your favorite names for future use. Choose a style in which you want to generate online store name ideas.
Namelix editing panel. Select from 6 style options

Use these to quickly come up with effective and creative online store names.


Choosing an online store name is a critical step in starting your business. Follow these tips.

Take inspiration from these online business name ideas. And you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect name for your eCommerce business. If you’re looking for an ecommerce platform to create your store, check out this complete Sellfy review.

Do you have any favorite online store names on this list?

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