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Reality-Based Leadership: A Must-Read for Anyone in a Leadership Position



featured image: Reality-Based Leadership: A must-read for anyone in a leadership position

If you are in a leadership position, Reality-Based Leadership is a must-read. Cy Wakeman offers a new way of thinking about leadership that is grounded in reality. Too often, we get wrapped up in the drama of the workplace and forget what’s really important: results.

This book will help you ditch the drama and focus on what matters most: your team’s success.

A brief summary of Reality-Based Leadership

“Reality-Based Leadership” by Cy Wakeman is a book that provides practical tools and strategies for leaders to improve their team’s productivity, engagement, and accountability. The author emphasizes the importance of getting rid of emotional waste and focusing on ROI for the organization.

By coaching their team to approach challenges with greater skillfulness and self-reflection, leaders can create innovative collaborative environments that lead to greater success. The book also stresses the importance of embracing change and encourages leaders to call their team to greatness, rather than trying to perfect their circumstances.

Overall, “Reality-Based Leadership” provides a refreshing perspective on leadership and offers concrete steps for leaders to create a more productive and positive workplace culture.

Reality-Based Leadership
reality based leadership book cover

AllNewBusiness Rating: 4.5/5

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

Reality-Based Leadership

Favorite quote:

“Whether you believe something possible or impossible — either way, you will be right.”

AllNewBusiness Rating: 4.5/5

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

reality based leadership book cover

Book Review: “Reality-Based Leadership” by Cy Wakeman

Have you ever felt like you’re spending more time on drama than on actual work? Or that your workplace is not as productive as it could be? “Reality-Based Leadership” by Cy Wakeman might be the answer to your problems. This book provides readers with the tools and skills necessary to cut out emotional waste from the workplace and increase engagement and productivity.

Wakeman argues that the modern leader’s role is not to motivate, inspire, or engage, but to teach great mental processes that eradicate emotional waste. By doing so, organizations can eradicate 2.5 hours per day per headcount of waste from the workplace. This can have a profound impact on the bottom line of any organization.

Tools and practice for reality-based leaders

So, how do Reality-Based leaders achieve this in practice? They focus on calling people to greatness, coaching them to raise their level of consciousness, and greeting change with a “good to know” attitude. Leaders focus on managing energy, not people, ensuring that mental and physical resources are directed toward creating ROI for the organization. They grow their people, so they are skillful enough to succeed in spite of the circumstances.

One of the key tools that Reality-Based leaders use is a series of questions that enable people to bypass the ego and get right into self-reflection and accountability. For example, when someone is upset, a simple question such as “What do you know for sure?” or “What could you do next to add value?” will help the coachee move into self-reflection and accountability. This opens up a variety of options already known to the coachee that they can act on to add value.

Another great benefit of this leadership approach is that it creates innovative collaborative environments that lead to even greater results in the future. Leaders who use Reality-Based Leadership ensure that change is least disruptive for the business and that growth comes in bite-size pieces. Instead of working to slow change down or make it easier for people, they ensure that people are ready for what’s next and approach change with a “good to know” attitude.

“Reality-Based Leadership” is a practical and insightful book that provides leaders with the tools and skills they need to create engaged and productive workplaces. By focusing on managing energy and coaching people to raise their level of consciousness, Wakeman’s approach can help organizations eradicate emotional waste, increase engagement, turn excuses into results, and create innovative collaborative environments. If you’re a leader looking to enhance your skills, this book is definitely worth reading.

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About Cy Walkman

headshot of cy walkman

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic international keynote speaker, business consultant, and drama researcher. She has dedicated her career to quantifying the amount of emotional waste in the workplace and developing practical solutions to help organizations eliminate it. Cy’s research has shown that the average employee spends nearly 2.5 hours per day in drama, which is unproductive behavior that takes away from achieving results.

As the founder of Reality-Based Leadership, Cy has created innovative tools and programs to help leaders and individual contributors lead in reality and diffuse drama in the workplace. Through her organization, she offers leadership development, speaking and training, and publishes unconventional tools and leadership programs to help organizations eliminate emotional waste and upcycle it into results.

Cy’s goal is to give leaders the skills and mental processes necessary to recapture time and reinvest it in results, creating innovative collaborative environments that enhance engagement and restore competitive advantage in the workplace.

Wrap-up: Restore sanity to yourself and your work

Reality-Based Leadership” is a powerful guide for anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills and create a positive, high-performing workplace culture.

By emphasizing the importance of eliminating emotional waste and focusing on mental processes, author Cy Wakeman offers practical tools and techniques to help leaders become more effective, engaged, and accountable. Rather than trying to motivate or inspire employees, a reality-based leader works to cultivate their team’s skillfulness and sense of accountability, which in turn drives greater success and happiness.

By implementing the principles outlined in this book, leaders can create a workplace where people are empowered to do their best work and achieve their goals, while also driving bottom-line results. Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned executive, “Reality-Based Leadership” is an essential resource for anyone looking to make a positive impact on their organization.

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