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When Should You Start Renting an Office for Your Small Business?



featured image: When Should You Start Renting an Office for Your Small Business?

Let’s face it: renting office space gives businesses more freedom and independence. Business owners can choose to either own office space or work from home. Renting an office can give a professional appearance without a high cost.

Working from home is, or was, amazing. You were first happy that you didn’t have to cope with morning traffic. You’ve become even more unproductive, distracted, and fatigued. When your office is close to your kitchen, it’s hard to separate work from home.

Are You Ready for Office Rent?

Perhaps it is the right time for your company or team to consider physical office space. Purchasing your own office space is enticing. However, owning an area does not give the freedom that renting does. Choosing a location that is ready for change is important for any business. It’s hard to prevent changes, so you want a location that provides what you and your team want now.

Are you still in doubt whether the moment to rent an office space has come? Start by considering the People, Process, and Technology Framework. This framework will help you understand whether your business is ready to rent an office space. If you are waiting for a sign, this is the one for you to consider renting office spaces. In this post, we will discuss the critical reasons for you to start looking for an office for rent.

Is It the Right Time to Rent an Office?

Commercial real estate outperforms the five years preceding the epidemic in the first quarter of 2023. Office spaces have had the most outstanding vacancy rates (16.8%) and the lowest rental revenue increase (0.7%) during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, as of Q1 2023, industrial real estate has the lowest vacancy rate (4.0%) and the most significant rent increase (16.6%). The decrease in office buildings can be ascribed partly to remote and hybrid work.

commercial property perforrmance. statistics

In August, Resume Builder surveyed 1,000 executives. They found that 90% plan to have return-to-work policies by 2024. Almost 30% think their employer will threaten to dismiss employees who do not follow workplace policies. However, the 5-day commute is ‘dead,’ according to specialists. 31% of respondents whose employers have already returned to work say they began forcing workers to return in 2021, 41% in 2022, and 27% in 2023. Many people in this group say they earn more money, get more work done, keep workers longer, and have other positive results.

Now, the situation is changing and organizations are going back to the old employment model. They do this because it has many benefits. These include better performance, socializing, and successful onboarding. Deciding when to rent an office for your small business depends on several factors. These include your company’s needs, finances, and growth. Here are some key considerations to help you determine the right time to rent an office.

office renting effect on performance statistics

#1 — Business Growth

One of the primary reasons to rent an office is when your business is experiencing growth that requires more space. If your workplace is too crowded and affecting productivity or preventing you from hiring more people, you can rent an office space. This fact is especially true about startups. That’s why we strongly recommend going for a short-term office rental agreement and adjusting it per your needs in the coming month. 

#2 — Team Size

If you have a team or plan to hire more employees, a dedicated office can help with collaboration and infrastructure. An office can also foster a sense of belonging and team spirit and even boost the performance of your employees. So everything is easy – if you need more staff, and you need them on-site, it might be time to start renting an office space.

#3 — Regular Meetings with Your Customers/Partners

Meeting with clients, partners, or investors? A professional office space can impress them. An office is a better place for important meetings than a home office or coffee shop. You should agree that running a session from a public place is never a good idea and will hardly add any points to your company brand. Meeting clients in a nice office can make your business seem professional and impressive. In-person meetings can prevent misunderstandings, understand body language, and build customer relationships.

#4 — Privacy and Focus

If your work requires a quiet and focused environment (we do not doubt that!), an office can provide the proper setting. Thus, you can ensure that your employees feel comfortable and can focus on their work. If your team needs a dedicated workspace, consider renting an office space to increase productivity.

#5 — Branding and Image

Renting an office will enable you to create your branded space and effectively manage your brand. You can design your office to match your business’s brand image, which can help enhance your company’s branding and image. When employees see the brand name, logo, and colors around the office, they feel connected to the organization. It fosters a sense of ownership and encourages them to work with dedication, thus boosting productivity. Additionally, a prime location can give your company more visibility and credibility.

Depending on your business type and location, legal or regulatory rules may require a physical office space. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements can help businesses maintain a good reputation. This move can help attract customers, investors, and employees. So check licenses or permits stipulating that a fixed business address is required in your industry.

#7 — Work-Life Balance

If you work from home and struggle with work-life balance, renting an office can help. In addition, renting an office space is a job satisfaction strategy that can make people happier and less stressed. This move can help employees feel more relaxed and focused, leading to a better work-life balance.

#8 — Market and Industry Norms

Research what is typical in your industry and market. In some areas, having a physical office is essential for credibility and competitiveness. So take your time and check how it should work for your business. Renting an office helps companies show their brand identity, values, and ethics to people who work there, visit, or use their services. In addition, an office can help businesses keep talented employees by offering a nice workplace.

Let’s Wrap up

When you rent an office, make sure it meets your business needs and future growth plans. Also consider your financial capacity. Approach the transition to an office space with careful planning for success. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation that doesn’t work for you.

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