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How Offering Retirement Plans Benefits Your Company



featured image: How Offering Retirement Plans Benefits Your Company

As the backbone of any successful company, are the employees. Thus, it only makes sense to equip them with the resources they need to succeed both in and outside the workplace. 

Retirement plans are one of the most valuable benefits companies can offer employees. They empower the workforce to take control of their financial future. 

At first glance, retirement plans seem to benefit the employees alone. But they are also beneficial to employers. Keep reading to learn how offering retirement plans benefits your company. 

Improves Talent Attraction

As labor and skills shortages persist, businesses compete in a limited talent pool. A tight labor market makes finding and retaining talent more challenging. It’s more difficult when a job seeker considers job offers from various companies. 

Offering various medical coverage types and retirement benefits gives your company an edge. Organizations that offer competitive benefits packages are often appealing to high-caliber employees. A good retirement plan can set your company apart from the competition. 

Retirement plans can support workers in their goals and efforts to save for the years ahead. They can differentiate when job seekers have to decide on several job offers. They are a big draw when they include a matching employer contribution. 

Moreover, there’s a higher chance for a potential candidate to accept the position if you offer a 401(k) plan. They also stay long-term in your company if the plan includes matching contributions. It’s compelling to younger talents, too. The plan allows them to borrow up to 50 percent of their account balance. They can use it as a down payment for their first home. 

Reduces Employee Turnover

A retirement plan is one way to prove that you value employees and are investing in their future. Without help in saving for retirement, they only work to earn a paycheck. But they are more likely to leave for better opportunities or benefits packages. 

One survey finds that benefits play a vital role in employees’ decision to leave their jobs. Eighty-two percent of employees consider benefits significant when contemplating a job change. Retirement benefits ranked as the most desired at 77 percent.  

Losing an employee can be expensive. Hiring a new employee can cost three to four times the position’s salary. Suppose you’re recruiting for a role that pays $50,000. You may spend $150,000 or more to fill the vacant position. 

Retirement plan offerings can help reduce the costs associated with employee turnover. Small and medium-sized businesses offering a 401(k) plan yield an annual cost savings of over $100,000. That’s only in reduced employee turnover costs alone. 

A company-sponsored plan like 401(k) is crucial to employee loyalty. It helps foster a sense of security and investment in their work. Retirement benefits provide them more control over their investment decisions. As a result, employees are more likely to stay in your company long-term. 

Boosts Employee Productivity

It’s typical for employees at all income levels to experience financial stress. Even in those jobs paying $100,000 or more, 47 percent of workers face financial stress. These financial issues affect their sleep, mental health, and relationships at home. 

Why does employees’ financial well-being matter to your company? Workers experiencing money issues tend to be more distracted and less engaged. Distractions can accumulate and hurt the company’s production. 

Distracted employees spend hours at work tackling or thinking about personal financial issues. They’re also more prone to looking for another job than non-financial stressed workers. Plus, 73 percent show interest in employers prioritizing their financial well-being. 

Employers can help ease the burden by offering a financial wellness program. Retirement plan options stand out as employees’ most crucial financial wellness benefits. A good retirement plan helps workers save for their future. This financial security boosts their self-esteem. It also motivates them to work better for the company.

Employees can concentrate better on their work without the distraction of monetary issues. Retirement benefits give employees something to look forward to besides their paycheck. It can serve as a source of motivation for them. As a result, they will exert more effort to enhance their job performance. This, in turn, can increase the level of employee productivity.

Note that a workforce with good financial health can make sound decisions. They’re also more likely to show higher levels of engagement in their work. They will show up to work with a positive attitude and improved concentration. 

Gain Significant Tax Advantages

Offering a qualified retirement plan also has significant tax advantages. A typical example of a qualified retirement plan is a 4019(k) plan. As an employer, you can opt to match the contribution made by your employees up to an acceptable limit. The matching contributions are deductible from the employer’s federal income. 

Employers match a part of employee contributions. But it’s often up to a specific percentage of the total salary. Sometimes, they match employee contributions to a set dollar amount. That’s regardless of employee compensation. In 2023, employees can contribute up to $22,500 to their 401(k) accounts or $30,000 if they’re over 50. 

Eligible employers can also claim a tax credit of up to $5,000 throughout a three-year taxable period. It’s to offset the ordinary and essential expenses of starting a SEP, SIMPLE IRA, or qualified plan. There’s also a tax credit of $500 for implementing auto-enrollment. It can lower the taxes you may owe on a dollar-for-dollar basis. 

Provides a Competitive Edge

Retirement plan offerings provide more than financial advantages. They can also serve as a strategic move in growing your company and achieving its long-term goals. They’re an investment in your organization’s success. 

As you already know, planning for the future is vital for employees. No wonder a lack of retirement plans can be a deal breaker. It often causes job candidates to explore other employment opportunities. 

Meanwhile, providing a robust retirement plan attracts experienced talents. It’s especially relevant to those who value long-term financial stability. This can create hiring advantages. Likewise, it can boost your competitive edge in a tight labor market. 

The talent competition is fierce. Adding a retirement benefit can help your company differentiate from competitors. It’s more achievable when you offer a variety of benefits. Typical examples are a competitive salary and work-life balance. 

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Engagement creates a positive work environment. Engaged employees tend to show stronger commitment to their roles. As a result, they contribute more to the company’s growth. They’re also more likely to collaborate and become a productive team. 

All these are attainable when workers feel confident about their financial security. You cannot dictate how employees spend their earnings. But, setting them up with a retirement plan guides them to build better financial habits. 

That also shows that you value their skills and care for their well-being. Employees have a more positive outlook on their work environment if they feel valued. It will result in a collaborative and supportive culture in your company.


Employees are the most valuable asset in businesses of every size. You cannot replace their knowledge, skills, and experience. So you’d want them to stay in your company long-term. Prioritizing retirement plans and other employee benefits helps gain employee loyalty. Hence, they’re less likely to quit and look for another job. 

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