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10 Tools To Help Time-Strapped SMB Marketers Accomplish More



featured image: 10 Tools To Help Time-Strapped SMB Marketers Accomplish More

The world of digital marketing can be stressful, leaving marketers feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. It isn’t uncommon to hear new and seasoned marketers alike talk about how they need to stay up late and work overtime to meet deadlines.

Those who have been in the field for a while often rationalize this. Saying that stress is simply a normal part of the job. Those just entering the world of marketing are often given extra responsibilities. Besides their primary role, adding to their stress. Plus, the sheer scope of marketing strategies can involve considerable sprawl. And workflows can be intensive and time-consuming.

Stories from veterans in the field show that it remains a stressful role even after you gain experience. However, savvy marketers know how to use business marketing tools that can speed up and simplify their work.

There is no reason why new marketers should be left out of the loop. Today, we will be looking at ten marketing tools that can make a world of difference when it comes to saving you time and boosting productivity.

1. Hootsuite

Drafting and publishing social posts on time is a key responsibility for marketers. Most of the time, you must publish content on many platforms, such as your client’s website and social media profiles. Also, you need to track how the content is doing engagement-wise and optimize it for future campaigns.

Sounds overwhelming, right? It is.

Thankfully, with Hootsuite, it doesn’t have to be. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts across many social media accounts. It offers analytics and tracks brand mentions, industry trends, and more.

hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite can also be integrated with other marketing and content creation tools, making your workflow efficient and hassle-free.

2. Videoleap

Marketers are often tasked with ever-growing lists of responsibilities. One of them is creating and managing video content.

If you aren’t already aware, video editing can be one of the most time-intensive tasks. It is common for each video to need hours of editing before it is ready for export. And yet, for an effective social media engagement strategy, you need to feed the algorithms with new videos regularly.

Developed by Lightricks, Videoleap is an editing app that attempts to address this problem. It focuses on helping marketers scale up video production with simplified editing workflows.

videoleap mobile app

Users can pick aesthetic templates based on popular and high-ranking trends. Many of which feature generative AI capabilities. They can also use a host of intuitive tools that make the editing process a breeze.

To make things even more effortless, content made on Videoleap can be repurposed for any platform and format for your marketing needs. It saves you a ton of time and energy.

3. Canva

Next up is a free online graphic design service. Use is for creating high-quality advertisements, posters, infographics, and other assets.

Canva is a wonderful option because of its beginner-friendly approach. You don’t have to be a professional to make professional-looking content with Canva.

canva online editor

The free version can meet most of your basic needs. But if you are looking for particularly premium-looking templates and designs, it may be worth looking at the variety of paid plans that they offer. 

4. Mailchimp

There are a ton of email marketing management tools out there. While some may offer detailed and specialized services, a simple and easy-to-use option like Mailchimp is all that most marketers need. 

It lets you create email campaigns via templates and a handy drag-and-drop email builder. 

mailchimp email editor

You can segment your mailing list based on demographics and other variables, as well as automate the process of sending, replying, and organizing emails. 

If you don’t have a lot of resources to work with, Mailchimp can be a good option, as its free plan allows you to have up to 2,500 subscribers.

5. Typeform

If you are a new marketer and if your client is also new, market research will be one of the most important responsibilities that you perform. Creating surveys, questionnaires, and forms is going to be a common theme in virtually every niche that marketers are involved in.

You are probably aware of Google Forms, but creating an attractive survey can be a time-consuming process. Moreover, unless you’re good at engaging audiences, people are going to want to click away after the first page. This is where Typeform comes in.

typeform dashboard

Typeform is a service that transforms both the style of questions and the overall design to be aesthetically appealing and user-friendly. The questions can be paired with cool gifs or videos in the background. 

Typeform can also be integrated with a number of other services, such as Mailchimp, which we looked at above to help make your workflow even easier.

6. SEMrush

Is it possible for a list of marketing tools to exist without including an option for search engine optimization? Nope!

SEMrush is a popular SEO toolkit that can be useful with a range of plans for businesses of all sizes. Search engine optimization can be challenging. It takes up a lot of time with keyword research, website auditing, creating PPC campaigns, and analytics.

semrush dashboard

Often, marketers end up needing to use different services for these services. SEMrush provides you with a one-stop platform that ensures all your content is in top shape with great SEO optimization. 

7. Slack

As a marketer, you will often be working as a department of one. But you’ll also need to coordinate with freelancers, content creators, graphic designers, and social media managers. 

slack marketing channel screenshot

With so many different roles, good communication between each member is paramount to efficiency. And this is where an application like Slack can come in handy. 

It allows you to collaborate via different channels for different goals and share documents and images. Also, it supports extensive customization and remote work operations. 

8. Hubspot

Hubspot offers an excellent customer relationship management platform. Their blog is also a fantastic resource for all things marketing, sales, and customer service. As a marketer, one of the challenges you will encounter is customer retention. 

Finding customers is only one side of the story. Ensuring that your customers stay loyal and aren’t wooed by competitors is key.

hubspot campaign builder

One of the many ways that Hubspot helps marketers is with its detailed analytics when it comes to customer behavior. Being able to understand how customers are interacting with the business you are marketing for and what they enjoy can be invaluable. Hubspot also makes providing customer service straightforward and easy. Check out this full Hubspot review to learn about its features, pricing, pros, and cons.

9. Trello

There could be no better project management tool than Trello at the moment.

It features a shockingly simple concept of boards, lists, and cards. But within these features, you can find a lot of customization options. This makes it easy to handle multiple projects with many clients.

trello board screenshot

Assign a project to a card and choose which team member to work on it. They can track progress with columns such as “To Do,” “In progress,” and “Finished.” 

These are some examples. You can make cards according to your own needs. You can set due dates, create checklists, and add comments and instructions within each card, making it a versatile tool for any marketer. 

10. Grammarly

It is easy for them to forget just how important it is to have content that is free of typos and grammatical errors. 

No matter how much preparation and effort has gone into other areas of a project, if such errors are present, they can undermine the entire work. Even a single spelling mistake can ruin the reputation of not only the client you represent but also your own image as a marketer. 

grammarly text editor

Grammarly points out spelling and grammar errors in your copy and offers suggestions on how to fix them. The free version does the job for most users. A paid subscription comes with advanced grammar checking, vocabulary enhancement, and genre-specific suggestions. 


Marketing can be a challenging role for both newcomers and veterans in the field. The challenges that get in the way of a good marketing campaign can be many, and tiresome to deal with. Thankfully, there are many tools that address and solve most of them.

The ten different tools mentioned in this article are but a small sample of the options that you can find there. Each tool mentioned above is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of most marketers. However, there may still be a few areas that you need more help with. If so, a little online research on the best marketing tools should help you find exactly what you need.

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